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Review Microformat


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A shortcode implementation of h-review that I use on this site.

Shortcode template:

<div class="h-review">
  <a class="p-item h-item" href="{{.Get `url`}}">
    <span class="p-name">{{.Get "title"}}</span>
  <data class="p-rating" value="{{.Get `rating`}}">{{ "★" | strings.Repeat (.Get "rating") }}</data>

  <div class="e-content">


{{% review title="A thing" url="https://a.thing" rating="3" %}}
  The thing was ok.
{{% /review %}}


A thing ★★★

The thing was ok.

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Mark is building open source tools to make web3 and decentralized self-ownership easy for regular people.

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