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Terrible Mistakes Cheatsheet


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A handy cheatsheet to help you know if you’re making a terrible mistake.

If the answer to any of the following questions are “yes”, please take a moment to reconsider:


Are you…

  • Accepting equity in lieu of cash as your primary revenue stream?
  • Accepting “free” food in lieu of cash?
  • Accepting a job with any of the following words in the title: “rockstar”, “ninja”, “guru”, “cloud”?
  • Pursuing a romantic relationship a coworker?
  • Replying to all?

Software Development

Are you…

  • Creating a in-house framework?
  • Writing your own configuration management solution?
  • Creating a “generator” for your internal microservices?
  • Making slides for a conference talk about a thing you’ve never deployed to production?
  • Writing a bespoke org-wide monitoring/analytics/logging library?
  • Downloading dependencies from the Internet on every build?


Are you…

  • Purchasing a “DevOps solution”?
  • Modifying a popular tool to work more like a different tool you’re more familiar with?
  • Doing something that requires ruby to run on Windows?
  • Generating configuration management code?
  • “Re-doing” prod after watching a tech talk?

Project Management

Are you…

  • Moving a project to JIRA?
  • Using more than one instance of JIRA at the same time?
  • Using more than on JIRA instance at the same time, and writing code to link/migrate/sync content between instances?
  • Switching away from a working platform or service to another service because it integrates more deeply with JIRA?
  • Any of the above, but with Confluence?

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Mark Wilkerson


R&D engineer @ Twitch. Previously Blizzard, Hightail, Co-Founder @ SpeakUp

Mark is building open source tools to make web3 and decentralized self-ownership easy for regular people.

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